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ValueBets Tool From BetBurger

Valuebets Tool from BetBurger review
Written by Anton

A few days ago, BetBurger developers presented the updated ValueBets functionality. Let’s see what it is all about.

What is Value Bets?

Value bets are a fairly popular betting strategy, the essence of which is to search for overstated odds on the outcomes of sports events in the bookmakers’ lines.

The search for such odds is carried out both manually and with the help of special tools provided by some Surebet scanners. Since the first option is time-consuming and quite complicated many punters resort to using Valuebet scanners.

More details on value bets you can find in my other article. Now I would like to focus on the above-mentioned Valuebets functionality from the well-known BetBurger scanner.

Valuebets Tool And its Features

The ValueBets tool makes it easy to work with value bets, as it performs all the time-consuming process of searching for overstated odds.

The list of features of Valuebets functionality is quite extensive, so I will focus only on the most important ones:

1. Great choice of bookmakers/sports/markets. More than 60 bookmakers, 27 sports and over 150 markets are available to search for overstated odds on outcomes.

2. Direct links to an event or a bet slip. With this feature, you can be redirected from the scanner’s website to the selected event or even to the bet coupon on the bookmaker’s website in just one click.

3. Sorting of overstated odds. You can sort the overstated odds by percentage, age, event start time, and value bet index.

4. Wide range of advanced settings. The Valuebets tool includes many options, among which:

Furthermore, it is possible to create a few multi-filters with different options for displaying value bets with various sports, leagues, etc.
5. Filtering of top-bookmakers. Top bookies (bookmakers for calculation) are sharp bookmakers, in comparison of which value bets on the selected sportsbooks are searched.

ValueBets Tool
6. Accounting of bets. The capabilities of the ValueBets tool allow keeping records of bets made, using the Accounting feature.

ValueBets Tariffs and Their Cost

For now, BetBurger has three subscription plans: Free, Valuebets Prematch and Valuebets Live.

Free — a free tariff limited up to 2% and delayed by 60 seconds (Live)/900 seconds (Prematch). The functionality of ValueBets tool is also limited.
Valuebets Prematch (€59.99/30 days) — a tariff, which includes full functionality to search for overstated odds on events that will start after a while.
Valuebets Live (€119.99/30 days) — a tariff, which includes full functionality to search for overstated odds on events that are currently taking place (in-play).

The account freezing option (subscription suspension) for users of the ValueBets tool is also available for up to 28 days a year.
More information about tariffs is on the BetBurger pricing page.


Summarizing the review, I would like to once again remind you of the key advantages of Valuebets scanners – they significantly save your time and visibly improve work efficiency.

According to the BetBurger developers, the use of the ValueBets tool is capable of generating more than 10% of the total monthly profit.

That is all from me. If you have any questions/remarks on this article – you are welcome in the comments.

Get more details on the ValueBets tool, looking through BetBurger website.

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