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surebet arbitrage betting service
Written by Anton — arbitrage betting service, which was founded in 2009 and is in the top five arbitrage scanners according to arbers and many professional gamblers.

As you’ve probably guessed, this service to search for arbitrage situations will be discussed in my today’s review.

General information, scanner capabilities

As of today, Surebet arbitrage betting service scans information from 68 bookmakers in 34 sports. The interesting thing is that among the sports there are even chess and curling. Another question is that arbs for such events are extremely rare.

The scanner operates in prematch mode only and also provides information on middles and value bets. There are no live arbs, although a couple of years ago Surebet tried to provide them. Apparently, something went wrong, but it’s  not important… 🙂

Interface and basic functionality website has a nice and welcoming design, and four language versions: Russian, English, German and French. Registration on the site takes a couple of minutes, and then you can concentrate on working with arbs.

A nice addition to the arbitrage scanner is the presence of extensive training materials section, which information would be useful to all newbies in arbs.

If we’re talking about the workspace of the scanner, it divides into 2 parts: the layout and settings/filters panel.

Moreover, the set of these settings is fairly traditional (filtering by income, sport, bookmaker, arb’ percent, etc). In general, everything as in other similar scanners.

The only thing I would mention here is some interesting options for excluding surebets from the list by the following parameters: hide menu

As for layout, several settings are also built into its window. In front of each arb, there is an icon to switch to the calculator and hide menu. This menu is well organized, it is possible to hide a particular arb, event, bookmaker event and even a bet on the bookie.

Unfortunately, I have nothing special to say about the calculator, as it is quite usual, without any “bells and whistles”, although it has all the necessary functions for bets calculations.

Smoothly turning to “Middles” section we immediately note that the workspace of the scanner here is very similar to the arbitrage situations section. The only difference is the sorting.

For example, you can sort the middles by expected math value, odds, hit probability, overvalue, losing and winning. In the layout, there are additional parameters that indicate the possible loss in case a miss, the gain when hitting a middle and the probability of getting into.

The next section of Surebet scanner is valued bets. To begin with, let’s see what it’s all about and what it’s eaten with. 🙂

Value bet is, roughly speaking, an overvalued odd by a certain outcome of a particular bookmaker in relation to others. In fact, it’s when we place a bet only on one shoulder of the arb, on its initiator.

This Surebet section is pretty well organized, in the issued bets are immediately calculated several important parameters, namely hit probability and odd “overvaluation” degree. functional

Additional features

Arb initiator. It’s marked with a black circle in the layout. The possible arb initiator is marked with a non-filled circle.

This is a fairly useful feature. It is definitely necessary to know the arb initiator because by virtue of this the arbitrage situation is formed. Accordingly, it is better to start checking bets from the initiator.

Odds format converter. Though minor, but useful feature that logically allows you to convert the odds in European, English, American, and Hong Kong formats for “Lay” and “Back” stakes.

Exchange rates

Among other pleasant things would be the presence of 4 different sound alerts about the new arbs appearance (middles, value bets). You can choose the type of signal you prefer.

Subscription plans

Surebet arbitrage betting service offers its customers 3 subscription plans, one of which is free and has limited functionality:

  1. Free (0.00 $/month). It includes arbs and middles up to 1%, and also value bets.
  2. Professional (30.00 $/month). It contains middles up to 1%, arbs and value bets.>
  3. Professional + (33.00 $/month). The tariff includes arbs, middles and value bets without limitation.
Free Professional Professional+
0.00 $ 30.00 $ 33.00 $
Value bets + + +
Middles no no +
Surebets no + +

As you can see, prices are pretty low, what makes the service popular for newbies. Personally, I’m also a bit frustrated by the fact that arbitrage scanner doesn’t have a one-day subscription service suspension (freezing) option.

As for subscription payment, everything is fine as all popular payment methods are available, including Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and Visa/MasterCard.


Surebet arbitrage betting service has a number of obvious advantages, including low tariffs and a huge selection of scanned bookmakers. I was also pleased with the convenient interface, welcoming design and the presence of a large number of training materials.

But, to my great regret, a spoonful of tar spoils a barrel of honey. Analyzing the speed of this scanner, I came to the conclusion that it is not as fast as I would like. Especially if we take into account that it scans prematch arbs only.

Moreover, I’d like to see a one-day subscription at in order that user could assess the performance of the service. It would be nice to have an option of account freezing. But what I really do enjoy is the presence of useful “value betting” section which will probably come in handy to all gamblers.

Finally, I would like to highlight the advantages and drawbacks of this service in a separate list for greater visibility:


  • Large selection of scanned bookmakers and sports.
  • Low subscription price.
  • Good selection of training materials.
  • Useful value betting section.
  • User-friendly interface, welcoming design.


  • Scanner speed is a bit defective.
  • No one-day subscription and account freezing.
  • Few additional features/services.

This concludes my review of Surebet arbitrage betting service. If you still have any questions regarding this service, please write them in comments, I’ll try to answer all.

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