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Struggle against arbers

struggle with arbers
Written by Anton

In this article I present the main restrictions that bookmakers usually apply to arbers.

As we all perfectly know, bookmakers are no fans of arbers, as using this strategy gamblers deprive bookies of their profit.

That’s the reason why most bookmakers struggle against them, and their methods can be both mild (stake cancellation) and severe (account suspension).

Ways of dealing with arbers

While working with arbitrage situations, I’ve personally came across a couple of sanctions. Certainly, you can hope that restrictions and limitation will bypass you and you’ll get around the bookie’s traps.

However, there is a nice phrase: “Forewarned is forearmed”, so newbies are strongly advised to read this article.
Well, the main ways of dealing with arbers are:

  • cutting limits
  • stake cancellation
  • account restriction

These three types of restrictions are the most frequently used against arbers. Besides, everything depends on a bookie who chooses a particular way. Let’s examine each type more thoroughly:

Cutting limits

This method is extremely popular. The gist is that a gambler is restricted to make a maximum stake and it’s limited to the minimum one (sometimes even to a few  dollars), which makes it pointless to use the bookmaker.

Virtually impossible to get back the maximums to the previous level, and the only way to solve this problem is new account registration on some one of your friends or relatives.

Stake cancellation

Perhaps the most mild restriction of all the types. Thus, initially bookmaker rules always have a paragraph on stake cancellation (stake is calculated with @1) in case there was a mistake in odds for the event.

In fact, they use this paragraph not only as a push in case of a mistake but to limit the arbers: the bookmaker can calculate the stake as a push if it’s considered to be “suspicious” and the reason is the same technical error.

Of course, this method has its benefits in case a lose-lose bet would be canceled eventually: but for the time I gamble, I’ve seen that only a couple of time.

And it’s interesting that there is no way to prove it to a bookie as everything was within the rules. Unnecessary claims can only draw extra attention which is extremely unfortunate in your case.

Account restriction

The most severe way to defy the arber which is used quite often. As you can understand, the idea is to close the account of the gambler on the pretext of  identity verification, for example.

But the thing is that after you have sent the documents, there is a little chance your account would be unblocked. If you have money on your account at the time it is blocked, everything depends on a bookie: reputable bookmakers usually gives it back (but not always), and others can even leave you with nothing.

When it happens, you can turn to the regulator whose licence is used by the bookmaker. But even this organization is not always able to help you with this matter.


As you can see, bookies have lots of ways to influence the arber. And if you have fallen under their sanctions, there would be no easy way to solve the problem.

But do not despair as many pros have already found variants to minimize this risk. And that would be the topic of my next article.

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