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Sports arbitrage betting

Sports Arbitrage Betting

Sports arbitrage betting gives you an opportunity to have a stable income with low risk to lose money.

How is it possible? We’ll clarify it in our today’s article.

What is Arbitrage Betting?

In a few words, arbitrage in sports betting means the situation which allows placing bets on opposite results of the event and get profit regardless of the final score. Arbitrage situations appear because of:

  • Bookmakers’ mistakes.
  • Inflated odds because of bookmakers competition.
  • Bookmakers are not catching up with rivals’ odds change.

One of the main advantages of sports arbitrage is that these situations appear so many times every day and allow people to get quite a good profit. It even has transformed into a job for some players known today as “arbers”.

Arbitrage in sports betting is almost the same as the usual arbitrage (in economics), but the difference is that in arbitrage instead of “odds” there are “prices” and instead of “bookmakers” there are “markets”.

Sports arbitrage betting and legislation

Sometimes newbies can ask: “Is it legal to use arbitrage betting?” And the answer is yes. It’s 100% legal as usual betting. Bookies offer a price, you accept it and place a bet. It’s fully approved by law, and there is no need to worry.

The other issue is that most bookmakers don’t like arbers and apply various methods to struggle against punters. The most popular method is cutting the limits. It means that bookmakers set limits on the maximum stake. In some cases, it makes your work impossible to continue with this bookie.

But no need to worry: not all bookmakers struggle against arbers. There are bookies loyal to punters like Pinnacle and Sbobet. These bookmakers will never cut your limits, and that’s why most gamblers prefer to use them for arbing.

How much can I earn?

You potential earnings on sports arbitrage betting depend on different factors. One of the main factors is the sum of money you are ready to invest. The rule says – the more you give, the more you get. But there is still one nuance:

In percentage terms you’ll earn more with a small bankroll than with a big one. And all because of bookies restrictions. The thing is accounts with small bankroll are not cut so quickly.

Therefore, your monthly income can reach 10-15% from your bankroll and even more – everything depends only on you and your disposable funds.

Sports Arbitrage Betting Services

Of course, you can search for arbs independently, but it’s quite a complicated process that takes much time and efforts. So if you don’t want to waste your time, you can use special arbitrage betting online services which help to work with arbs.

As you know, one of the main things for successful sports arbitrages is speed (especially if we are talking about live arbs). That’s why you need to search for the fastest service.

The leader among arb services is BetBurger. It analyzes the information from more than 100 bookies in 23 kinds of sport on Prematch and 9 on Live. Despite a great size of scanning information, the speed of BetBurger’s scanner is one of the fastest among the other similar services.

Talking about scanning speed we can also mention auto-navigation feature. As we all know, after choosing a bet, we need to find the event on bookmaker’s site on our own. It usually takes a lot of time.

Auto-navigation leads you directly to the event page at bookmaker’s site with a single click, and all you have to do is to “Place bet”. It means you don’t need to find the event manually. This function will do all the job for you.

But speed is not the only criteria to choose sports arbitrage betting service. User-friendly interface, reliability, Prematch and Live arbs availability, quality of customer support – all these factors are very important for arbitrage scanners.


Sports betting arbitrage can bring you a great income, but at first, you should spend some time learning  basic information about it. Thousands of gamblers have already taken this advantage and you can be one of them. Just be self-confident and don’t give up at the first setback.