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Sbobet review

sbobet review
Written by Anton

Sbobet was founded in 2003 but entered European market only in 2009. Professional gamblers usually use the services of this bookmaker as it’s pretty loyal to arbers.

General info

It is an Asian bookmaker with a multilingual site which comprises 11 languages. There are no issues over interface as with Pinnacle.

Sbobet betting line

However, this bookie has a lot of advantages that attract thousands of pros from all over the world. These points today I would like to discuss in details.

Advantages of Sbobet

Does not cut the limits. The same as Pinnacle, Sbobet has no practice of cutting the limits, though on their site they state that arbers are not welcome.

Actually, mentioning the limits, maximums here are pretty significant and really attract arbers.

Reach on arbs with bookmakers. This bookie takes part in lots of arbs, though to a less extent than Pinnacle. Moreover, these two arber-friendly bookmakers barely have any surebets with each other. That’s why it’s profitable to make pairs composed of strong (Pinnacle, Sbobet) and weak bookmaker (Bwin, Unibet, 12bet).

Low basketball margin. The average basketball margin is only 2.6%, though football or tennis margin can reach 6.5-6.6%.  Such figures are far from eminent.

Easy and fast verification process. In fact, there should be no difficulties with Sbobet account verification. The process is pretty routine. Usually, they ask for passport or scan of some other identity document and bill or bank statement to confirm your address.

Also, you need to make a deposit in 30 days after signing up or your account would be closed.

Disadvantages of Sbobet

Weak moneyline and event selection. Moneyline here is pretty weak even on the key markets (especially on Live), and event selection lags behind most of the bookies.

Only integer bets are allowed. There is a thing with Sbobet that they don’t accept cent stakes, only integer bets. It’s not crucial, but still.

Session expires. If you close the tab with the Sbobet site, the session expires automatically and you have to log into your account again. It’s very distressing thing if you bet on Live and every second counts.

Charges for inactivity. If your account is inactive for 12 months, Sbobet charges a £5 monthly fee or cash equivalent in other currency. If you are betting arbitrage, hardly you’ll be doing nothing all this time 🙂


In summary, I would like to note some things which are typical for this bookmaker.

Since Sbobet is an Asian bookie, emphasis is placed here on quarter outcomes (Asian handicaps). Consequently, you can find middles here.

Also, I cannot fail to note that Sbobet has no withdrawal fee and no limits on the number of withdrawals, unlike Pinnacle which provides only one free withdrawal per month.

Sbobet have their cons, but pros make them popular among professional arbers.

Of course, it’s entirely up to you, but I would strongly recommend this bookmaker to pros and newbies. You can use it without a fear of being limited.

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