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RebelBetting scanner review

rebelbetting sports arbitrage software review
Written by Anton

In today’s review, I’d like to talk about the RebelBetting sports arbitrage software.

Unlike some of its competitors, this service doesn’t operate as a website but offers customers to download and install special software on their computers.

General Info about RebelBetting

As of today, this sports arbitrage software collects and analyzes information from 76 bookmakers (including clones) for 10 sports. Arbs are offered only in Prematch mode, and unfortunately, there are no Live arbitrage situations.

Along with 2way and 3way arbs, the service provides information on middles (including negative ones).

Basic Functionality

The workspace of this arbitrage software is divided into several parts. The main part is a list of arbitrage situations (layout). It is noteworthy that you can extend layout in full screen by clicking on the Arb Details button in the top menu. This button allows hiding information on the selected arb and calculator in the scanner’s working area.

Interface of sports arbitrage software

Returning to the list of arbs, I note at once that here middles and arbs are separately displayed, which can be sorted by the percentage of yield, participants, and odds. You can also hide the display of 3way arbs and middles in the software settings.

In addition, I’d like to emphasize that quite a lot of arbs in RebelBetting software are placed in the layout. This is due to the minimum amount of information on them on the right side of the screen, with a small font, as well as a wide area of their display.

If you double click on one of the arbs in the sports arbitrage software, you’ll see a dropdown list with close odds for selected outcomes at different bookmakers. I have to say, it’s a very useful thing!


At the same time, all information on this arbitrage situation will be displayed on the left side of the screen, including the event and the championship name, type of bet, outcomes, and bookmakers involved in the arb. Personally, I’m not fond that the service doesn’t display the difference in the event name at bookmakers.

The calculator is located under the arb info, it is simple in functionality, without any special frills. However, it performs all its basic functions for calculating bets.

By the way, I almost forgot to mention the hide menu presence at this sports arbitrage software. It’s too simple here and allows hiding only the arb or all arbs on the event from the layout.

Among other useful features of this service is the integration with Betfair. This functionality allows linking Betfair account to the arb scanner so that you can significantly reduce the time for betting. I had previously seen such a function only with BetBurger.

Software And Filter Settings

The menu with filter settings and software itself is located at the top of the screen. There is also a Bet button, which allows redirecting to the event page.

Arbs menu

I’d like to point that this functionality is organized at a decent level. For instance, when you click on the Bet button, the window opens where each bookmaker’s site is located one under the other.

Herewith, a convenient menu is displayed next to each bookie, where step by step clarifies the whole process of login to the site. By the way, there is a possibility to enter logins and passwords for bookmakers in the settings, and then the RebelBetting sports arbitrage software will implement redirect using Autologin. In the same menu, you’ll see an alert if odds on the arb are already changed.

Connecting to server

And now let’s go back to the filter settings, as I’m a little carried away by the story about redirection:) So, the menu with filter parameters in the software is divided into three tabs: Arbitrages, Bookmakers, Markets.

In the Arbitrages tab of this sports arbitrage software, you can adjust layout by the percentage of yield, as well as set the range of displaying middles (from negative to positive).

Here you can also hide 3way arbs from the layout, arbs inside one bookie, arbs between ‘fast’ bookies, arbitrage situations with Lay bets (for betting exchanges), etc. In addition, you can enable/disable the display of arbs, where possible the difference in rules between bookmakers.

Rebelbetting functional

In the Bookmakers tab, you have the possibility to mark those bookmakers with the participation of which arbs will be displayed. Personally, I like the fact that it’s possible to choose ‘required’ bookies.

The Markets tab covers the settings of layout for certain sports and markets.

In fact, this is the limit of the RebelBetting sports arbitrage software filter’s capabilities and it is not so good, as compared to other scanners – there are not enough important settings here. Also, it’s a little disappointing that you can’t create several filters at once.

Rebelbetting functions

In the Options menu, you may adjust not only filter settings but also the parameters of the scanner software itself. For instance, you can set the text and sound alerts about new arbs appearance as well as some settings of the layout.

The most interesting for me is the Setup Bookmaker tab, where you can specify a login and password and, if necessary, select from the list an alternative domain for some bookmakers. Here you can also specify the account currencies for all bookmakers and set the rounding of bets to a certain value.

Among other things, software has another small menu with user settings, where you can set the type of odds, account currency and default total stake.


In fact, RebelBetting arbitrage software has only one tariff plan with the possibility to pay for a week (€39), month (€129), 6 months (€499) and year (€799). You have also the opportunity to evaluate this software for free, but with the limitation of yield up to 0.6%.

What really upsets me is the absence of account freeze function. Perhaps this issue can be solved by contacting customer support (which is very responsive), but initially, such functionality is not provided here.

If we talk about the subscription cost, it’s somewhere on the average level if compared with other arb services. I can’t say that for the price this scanner somehow stands out.


It’s a unique service because it has no web version, but the special software only. I think it should appeal to newbies as it’s easy to understand and everything looks pretty solid.

Among the main benefits of this service can be noted well organized direct links to the event and autologin, as well as a function with close odds of bookmakers for all outcomes. Also, I am personally pleased with the presence of adequate customer support, which promptly responds to emails and meets clients.

From the service drawbacks, one can note the absence of Live arbs and not too big choice of scanned sports. Also noteworthy is the lack of grouping by event and the account freeze function. Moreover, it would be nice to have the possibility of creating several filters.
In addition, if we compare RebelBetting sports arbitrage software with competing services, I personally noticed a lot of missing events here, as well as markets.


  • Well thought out functionality of direct link to the bookmaker’s betslip.
  • The Autologin feature is well implemented.
  • Useful function for displaying close odds.
  • Great choice of scanned bookies.
  • Responsive customer support.


  • No grouping of arbs by event.
  • There are gaps on events/markets in comparison with competitors.
  • The difference in team names is not specified.
  • No possibility to create several filters and not enough some important settings.
  • No Live arbs and not so many scanned sports.
  • No account freeze function.

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