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Best sports for arbitrage betting

sports for arbitrage betting
Written by Anton

Today I’d like to tell you about kind of sports that are most popular among arbers and their advantages and drawbacks.

Most likely, this material won’t be so useful to experienced arbers, but beginners would be able to learn something interesting for themselves.


Football is the most popular sport and it’s not surprising that many bookmakers focus on it. Many bookmaker lines present a great choice of football bets not only from events of top leagues and championships.

Due to this variety of bets, the probability of arbitrage situations occurrence increases: usually there are plenty of football arbs. It’s definitely an advantage. In addition, many bookies often set on football high limits (especially for top events), which also plays into the hands of arbers.

Moreover, the attractiveness of arbitrage football betting is due to the fact that this sport is not as dynamic as the same tennis. Therefore, if the arber works in live, he will have much more time to cover the arb before changing the odds.

In addition, the arber can almost always watch the twists and turns of a match, and even in his native tongue, as according to the number of video broadcasts this sport is also in the lead.

Also noteworthy is availability of football statistics. For instance, now there is a huge number of sites providing detailed analytics for this sport. This allows the player to analyze the selected event in detail. Of course, the event analysis is not so important for arbers, but nevertheless.:)

Among the main disadvantages, I’d highlight the fact that bookmakers most carefully watch the bets on football, because here is the greatest flow of arbers.

Consequently, if the gambler works with arbitrage football betting, the risk of getting under bookmaker sanction in the form of account limitation is significantly increased.

Seasonality can also be noted among negative nuances. Most of the leading tournaments end in summer, and accordingly, the number of events and arbs are reduced.


An important advantage of tennis arbitrage betting is that you can usually find plenty of arbs on events from this sport.

Another question is that tennis arbs most often appear in live, and it’s not so easy to work with it in real time. The fact that tennis is a dynamic sport and events in the games change rapidly, as well as bookmaker odds. Thus, often the arber has only a few seconds to make the necessary bets.

Other advantage includes the availability of video broadcasts for all major tournaments. Thus, the player can personally observe events in a particular meeting.

The drawback of tennis arbitrage betting is that there are often differences in bookmaker rules regarding the stakes calculation.

I am not going to discuss in detail what are the differences, as all necessary info on this topic is already presented in my other article on the site.

Another negative nuance of tennis arbitrage betting is that some bookmakers often return one of the bets (count as @1), referring to the incorrectly written names of players in the line. Naturally, it applies to meetings of little-known tennis players. For example, WilliamHill practices that.


As you know, hockey matches are held very often and usually bookmakers offer an excellent choice of bets on this sport. It’s no wonder that arbs for hockey more than enough.

However, it still depends on the season. Hockey matches are not so much in summer that naturally affects the number of arbitrage situations. If we compare hockey to tennis, the hockey wins in the sense that it is not so dynamic, i.e. events in the match occur not so often. It gives the arber an advantage in the form of extra time to make necessary bets.

Important: the difference in bookmaker rules is quite common in hockey, and although some arb scanners take it into account (eg, BetBurger), it is important to be alert not to get in trouble!

It’s a bit harder to work with in-play hockey because the matches of the regular season and the playoffs of the NHL’s main league are held at night (GMT). By the way, the same thing is typical for many tennis tournaments.


Baseball is another popular sport among arbers, however, there are some nuances while arbing.

Among the positive moments, I would like to highlight a good selection of live events, which take place at the same time. By the way, most often in baseball are totals and handicaps.

Typically, bookmakers give high stake limits on baseball matches that can also be attributed to the benefits.

Among the negative nuances, one can note the difference in bookmaker rules. For instance, one bookmaker can take half of the match as 4.5 innings, and the second one as 5. As you know, it may lead to unpleasant consequences when calculating bets (if the difference in the rules is not taken into account).

Also, baseball is a bit inconvenient for European arbers because the matches are held at night or in the early morning. So, this may not be the most comfortable time.


Basketball is a dynamic sport with rapid odd changes at bookmakers. Therefore, newbies are not recommended to work with basketball in-play! Hockey or football is more suitable for beginners.

By the way, if we talk about basketball, it’s often used for work with middle rather than arbs. This is due to the fact that here bookmakers move the line, not the odds. For instance, odds for handicaps and totals in basketball are usually in the range from 1.8 to 1.95, and it’s clear that with @1,95/1,95 hard to be in the black.

But usually there is no problem with finding video broadcasts on basketball, in particular in the case of NBA matches. Thus, arbers almost always have the opportunity to watch the selected match in order to make bets at the right moment and get the highest profit.

In addition, basketball along with hockey is a sport where matches are held very often. It is usually also well represented at bookmakers. The weak point is the same seasonality, where the summer games are much less. They don’t want to hold tournaments all year round, what can we do?!:)


This sport the least frequently of all aforementioned used in the work of arbers, but this is precisely one of its advantages.

The fact that the bookies also perfectly know all the most popular sports among pros, and therefore they are much less watching stakes for volleyball than for the same football. Accordingly, the risk of getting under bookmaker radar is reduced.

Apparently, it’s more difficult to find video broadcast on volleyball matches, than on the same football or basketball. But, for example, you can find quite a lot of broadcasts on the Bet365 website, including volleyball matches.


Today I told you about the best sports for arbitrage betting. If you have any questions or additions to my article – welcome to the comments.:)

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