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Pinnacle review

pinnacle review
Written by Anton

Pinnacle operates in the field of gambling since 1998 and is in high demand among arbers due to its loyal attitude towards pros.  As you have probably guessed, that is exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

General info

Pinnacle certainly sought to create the most comfortable interface but it didn’t came up exactly as it should  🙂 At first, newbies will feel a bit of discomfort while using the site, but after some time they’ll get used.

Pinnacle betting line

Personally I was pleased by the fact that the site is translated into 17 languages which ease the work of professionals from all over the world. Although, besides multilingual site, Pinnacle has other advantages I would like to discuss in details:

Advantages of Pinnacle

Loyal attitude towards arbers. Perhaps the main benefit is that the bookie will not cut your limits for arbing and will not  initiate other sanctions like other bookmakers. “Winners are welcome” they write on their official site.

I’ve seen the information somewhere that they still can cut the limits but that was about sky-high money that arbers reach very hard. And even in that case, the account was left with a decent maximum stake.

By the way, what concerns the maximums, they are pretty high in here which contribute to attracting professional clients.

Low margin. The average margin at Pinnacle is no more than 2.2%, which appears to be the lowest figure among the bookmakers. Thus, bookie always offers competitive odds, even on markets.

Rich on arbs. Adequate provision of arbs with the bookmaker is the important criteria that affects the choice of pros in Pinnacle’s favour.

Extensive selection of payment methods. Pinnacle users have access to the vast majority of payment systems. Thus, you can choose the system you like the best.

Quite good support. Pinnacle has a pretty good support which appears to be a pros. But still there is a downside with notifications that are a bit late. But it’s frequently doesn’t really matter.

Unlimited number of bets. In this sense, Pinnacle stands out among other bookies like WilliamHill, which prohibits repeated bets on the same outcome.

Disadvantages of Pinnacle

Weak moneyline. Here you really won’t find a wide moneyline. Even key markets often suck. Moreover, lower divisions are pretty poor (i.e. second, third league etc).

Free withdrawal once in a month. Pinnacle allows to withdraw funds for free only once in a month, and for each next transaction the commission of $15 is charged.

Live bets take long to be accepted. Unlike some other bookies that accept bets almost instantly, Pinnacle has certain difficulties in this matter. The situation is a bit disappointing as on Live every second counts.

Fast odds change on Prematch. Pinnacle extremely quickly reacts to new data that can affect the outcome. Thus, the odds are changed very quickly. Actually, I would like to note that Pinnacle has one of the best analysts team among the bookmakers. That’s why it almost unreal to beat it at distance.

By the way, since I have mentioned Prematch, Pinnacle has another one nuance. Sometimes, they accept Prematch bets as like they were Live and cancel them with @1. You should keep an eye on that to avoid losses.


Today I haven’t mentioned the Pinnacle verification process as it’s pretty routine and fast. They can ask for your passport scan or some other identity documents (i.e. driving licence).

They can ask for a photo of the card, if you have filled your account with Visa or MasterCard. As you have already understood, virtual accounts don’t work here. Moreover, it would be better to have a personal/name card with your name and surname.

From all of the foregoing, Pinnacle is popular among gamblers and is one of the basic bookmakers in the list of pros and newbies.

Surely, there are some disadvantages like weak moneyline. But having even those events and outcomes, the bookie is rich on arbs. I personally recommend professionals as well as newbies to use it, but only in pair with a weaker bookmaker (like Bwin).

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