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Perfect Arb Scanner

perfect arb service
Written by Anton

Today I’d like to reflect a bit about ideal arb scanner criteria.

So, in this article, I’ll try to briefly describe how I personally see the perfect arb service, and I’d be very glad to know your opinion on this matter.

General information

First, let’s define what is the primary goal of all existing arb scanners. We all know that arb service is necessary in order to help gamblers to search for arbitrage situations. Arbs are income, money. Consequently, the task of arb service is to give people maximum profit.

Once there is a reasonable question: how can this be achieved? Here I’d like to highlight a few key points that, in my opinion, can help arb services if not to become perfect then at least get close to this very ideal.

How I see the perfect arb service

One of the most important factors in the work of arbing service is the scanning speed. In my point of view, the ideal arb service needs to scan information as quickly as possible and the scanner software should analyze bookmakers for all sports and outcomes.

By this indicator, there is much to strive for existing arb services, because many arbitrage scanners analyze information only on the most popular sports and lines of a small number of bookmakers. Herewith, the scanning speed often leaves much to be desired.

The use of all possible arbitrage formulas is also important while scanning information. For instance, I’d personally mention about this one: AH1(0)/AH2(+0,25)/2. This is 3way arb, which is very difficult to find manually.

What exactly shouldn’t be in the ideal scanner, it’s a mistake in the information on teams. That is, the same event at different bookmakers should be correctly determined in the scanner, even though the bookmakers have slightly different team names, and if the home and away team are reversed, or the start time of the event varies.

All arbitrage scanners like to “sin” in a similar way. I wish they upgrade their software and minimize this problem in the near future.

The scanner itself should work without interruptions and provide access to its service and to betting sites without restrictions.

As of today, from time to time we may see the “falling out” of some bookmakers from the list of scanned on all arb services. This should not be in the ideal scanner!

What else I’d like to see in the perfect scanner

We all perfectly know that in order to get maximum profit it is necessary to place the most favorable arbs. The arb with a maximum yield percentage corresponding to a number of parameters (eg, it excludes stake return) is considered beneficial.

Therefore, the perfect arb service should have all the necessary functionality in the form of filters and arbs sorting according to certain criteria so that the arber could get the best information.

Here I’d like to note that similar functionality is already implemented in some arb scanners at a very high level. However, there is no limit to perfection!

I also think that undoubtedly the ideal scanner should have a high-quality hide menu so that the arber could hide unnecessary/already placed arbs.

Yes, several existing arb services already have such a menu, but most scanners offer their customers only a pathetic similarity with limited functionality.

Well-organized direct link to the event or coupon of the bookie is also important. This is especially relevant for Live because speed is crucial in work with this type of arbitrage situations. What is more, the possibility of such redirections should be organized for the maximum number of bookmakers.

Openness is the key to success!

Among other things, I personally would like to see developers of existing scanners more open to their users, that is, they should be engaged in dialogue and take into consideration clients’ suggestions/complaints. I believe that this will help arb services to correct defects and get close to the ideal.

Undoubtedly, the ideal scanner should have competent/responsive support service. Yes, most arb services have pretty good customer support service. However, during the writing reviews of popular arb services, sometimes I came across the fact that support staff of some services didn’t answer the questions for several days, or even ignored them at all!


As I promised, in my today’s article I tried to briefly outline my vision of what should be the perfect arb scanner. In case you don’t agree with my opinion or want to somehow add/share your ideas – welcome to the comments. 🙂

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