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OddStorm scanner review

OddStorm surebet service
Written by Anton

OddStorm surebet service has been operating since 2006 and as of today provides its clients with a range of useful services. As you have probably guessed, it’s this arb scanner will be discussed in my today’s review.

General Info about OddStorm

This surebet service scans information from 64 bookmaker lines in Live and Prematch mode. In addition, the scanner provides data on middles, Polish middles, and also has odds comparison service.

What concerns sports, as of today, this service analyzes information on soccer only, which clearly can’t be attributed to the service benefits.

Interface And Basic Functionality

Currently, the arb scanner operates in two versions: website and app. Speaking of the OddStorm website and its interface, personally, I don’t really like it. But that’s just a matter of taste…

At the entrance to the website, users are immediately offered a menu in which Prematch and Live events are divided. Thus, the information is not mixed, and it’s much easier to find the data necessary for an arber. In this menu, you can also open the arb calculator, look at the tariff plans and settings of your account.

OddStorm main menu

As for scanner workspace, it is divided into several parts.

In the left part, there is a filter with layout settings and live chat for users. The list of arbitrage situations located in the middle, and on the right, you’ll find the calculator and arb details. In order to activate this part of the workspace, you just need to click on any arb.

OddStorm surebet calculator

I got to tell you that arb calculator in OddStorm is the easiest, without any extra features. However, this can’t be attributed to serious cons of the service.

Speaking of layout, I’d like to point that difference in the team names of bookmakers involved in the arb is not displayed. Moreover, there is no grouping of arbs by event.

But I’m delighted that all basic information, including the current score, time and minute of the match is indicated in Live events. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised by the scanning speed, although this is to be expected given that scanner provides info on soccer only.

As I have already stated, this arb service offers its clients not only Live and Prematch arbs but also middles/Polish middles and odds comparison service.

What concerns regular and Polish middles, there is a separate article on them on our website. By the way, Polish middles are unique service’s feature, because no other arb services that I know provide information on them.

There is no big difference between Middles and Arb section on OddStorm surebet service, so I don’t see the point to describe it too detailed. The only thing I would mention such an interesting moment that under each arb in the Middles section you may see condition at which you get into the middle.

bet types

And also in the calculator added additional parameters – Lost/Win. They allow you to immediately see your possible gain when hitting/missing into the middle.

OddStorm interface

Surebet service App

As I mentioned above, the OddStorm surebet service is presented in two versions – website and app. When it comes to the app, it is no different from the web-version on the basic functionality and settings.

However, there is some important distinction that attracts pros to work through the app. First, it’s a function of a direct link to the event page of bookmakers involved into the arb.

In principle, this option is well-organized, the only thing that auto-navigation works not for all bookies, and it is only available for users of the VIP Plus tariff package. So, this option is absent in regular VIP tariff. Slightly below I’ll tell you about the difference in these tariffs more detailed.

Another important distinction is that the service’s app has the hide menu. It’s not so primitive as in many other scanners and allows hiding from the layout a particular event, entire tournament or bookmaker involved in the arb.

In addition, you can even set the time period for which information will be hidden, or back it to the layout in one click.

Filter Settings

In the OddStorm filter, you can adjust layout by the number of outcomes, yield percentage, beginning of the event. You can also set the display of events on break, and events where a certain number of minutes left before the break. Moreover, the scanner can give you those matches where the current score is a draw.

Here, in the settings, you can set the max odd, display parameters of the workspace and alerts about arbs with a certain percentage of yield.

There is a separate section in the settings, where you can specify the list of bookies with which arbs to be displayed. Personally, here I like the possibility to select required bookmakers. By the way, you can edit the list of bookmakers needed for work in your profile settings.

Live chat is located under the filter settings, where users can socialize and discuss existing problems with scanning, etc. That’s just a big question, how often and whether the administration of the service is viewing this chat, and whether it reacts to the information stated there.

Subscription Plans

The service offers its clients two types of subscription plans – VIP and VIP Plus. The main difference between VIP Plus is that you’ll get access to auto-navigation function, and will be able to use the personal assistance via Skype.

What concerns prices, one month of VIP subscription costs 295 euros, and VIP Plus – 390 euros. In my opinion, the prices here are very high.

PreMatch 1 day – €7, 1 week – €50, 1 month – €155 1 month – €250, 1 month recurring – €245, 6 month – €1250
InPlay 1 day – €9, 1 week – €63, 1 month – €195 1 month – €290, 1 month recurring – €285, 6 month – €1450
PreMatch + InPlay 1 day – €14, 1 week – €95, 1 month – €295 1 month – €390, 1 month recurring – €385, 6 month – €1950

If you read my arb scanner reviews, you probably know that I’m always interested in the existence of account freeze function. Speaking of OddStorm, I didn’t find such an option here. 🙁


This surebet service has a number of undeniable advantages, such as high scanning speed, pretty good hide menu, provision of information on middles and even Polish middles (which are absent on other services).

Personally, I’d emphasize among positive aspects the possibility to use not only a website but a special app. Moreover, this arb scanner can boast responsive customer support that promptly responds to emails.

Among the main drawbacks can be distinguished its high cost, as well as a small number of scanned sports. Also, the fact that auto-navigation feature is available only for users of VIP Plus package can’t be attributed to the advantages.

The lack of grouping by event and differences in team names at bookmakers, as well as a small number of filter settings and the inability to work simultaneously with several filters – all this can hardly be attributed to the OddStorm surebet service benefits.

Moreover, even though this arb service scans info only on soccer – I found quite many errors in the scanner:

scanning error


  • High scanning speed.
  • Good hide menu.
  • Scanner web-version and app.
  • Live events info are provided.
  • Polish middles info are provided.
  • Responsive customer support.


  • High subscription price.
  • Mistakes in scanning.
  • Auto-navigation is only available in VIP Plus tariff.
  • Small number of scanned sports (soccer only).
  • No grouping by event.
  • Differences in team names at bookmakers are not displayed.
  • Small number of filter settings.

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