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Multiple betting accounts

multiple betting accounts
Written by Anton

Surely, every arber at least once faced with the necessity to create multiple betting accounts.

In one of my previous articles I have briefly dwelled on this topic, but today I’d like to reveal it in more detail.

Why did someone need to create multiple betting accounts?

As we all know, bookmakers are not fond of professional gamblers, because we deprive them of profit. That’s why they often either cut maximums to zero or even restrict arber’s account in the system.

But what to do in the case if you satisfied with the bookie and want to continue to use its services? Here multi-accounting comes in handy for arbers. It implies the opening several betting accounts in one bookmaker.

It’s clear that a new account can’t be registered in your name, as it’ll just get banned. I also don’t recommend registering the new account with the same address and/or for someone from the family. This is initially prohibited in the rules of some bookies. Anyway, if logically to think, re-register at the same address or for someone from your family immediately after cutting your account will certainly seem suspicious to any bookie.

Who should I register with?

For example, you may create multiple betting accounts on your friends or acquaintances. But it’s important to understand that bookmaker may ask you for scans of documents, photos with a passport near the face or utility bill for verification of identity and address. It’s necessary that your friend/acquaintance could provide them.

Moreover, some bookies may have to resort to additional methods of identity verification, and you initially have to be ready for that.

For instance, Titanbet and some other bookies practice personality verification in the form of a phone call, during which you will be asked the basic questions on the account (approximate date of registration, currency of the first deposit, date of birth, etc). If at least one of these questions is answered incorrectly, the bookmaker has reason to permanently restrict your account.

Although to get around this type of check is not so difficult since the bookmaker doesn’t recognize the voice of the person on whom you have registered a new account. Therefore, you can answer all bookmaker’s questions on your own.

In addition, I would like to note that some arbers use so-called drops (mule, figurehead) to register new accounts. However, there are many nuances and this method sometimes borders on law, so I won’t focus on it in detail. Actually, there would be enough the help of your friends/acquaintances to get one-two accounts at the bookmaker.

How to hide data from the bookie?

Our main task while working with multiple betting accounts is to hide the information that a new account will be used by the same person that worked with the previous one.

For these purposes, you need at least to clear the browser cookies, and it’s better to change IP address, OS, and even the device before registering a new account. As an option, you can rent VPS server through which you will be able to conceal information about yourself for relatively little money.

Also, the installation of a virtual machine (VM) is in demand among arbers. This includes a new operating system, another browser, and also hiding some other data about your device through special software.

As for changing IP address, there are several options. You can use VPN (e.g. HideMyAss) or proxy services. However, they are also often recognized by the bookies. So if you plan to create only 1-2 new accounts in the same bookie, just take the Internet connection with dynamic IP. Additionally, you can connect to another provider, what is not a problem in our time.

A few more tips

In case your account is limited or blocked by the bookie, first of all, it’s worth to check up on its clones. There may be a bookie with the same line and virtually the same odds, and then you don’t even have to resort to multi-accounting.

However, this is a rare occurrence and therefore you need to have in reserve a few SIM cards and emails, as to register repeatedly with the same data you will not be allowed. It’s clear that for signing up in the same bookie you also have to have different wallets in payment systems.


Opening multiple betting accounts is a popular method to bypass account restriction by the bookmaker and is often used in the work of arbers and bonus hunters.

Certainly, every year it becomes increasingly difficult to use this technology, as bookmakers are constantly improving the system of calculating repeated registrations in the system or entering several accounts from one device. However, pros don’t sit back! They’re looking for new options for hiding data from the bookmaker.

In fact, that’s all I wanted to tell about multiple accounts. But if you still have any questions/additions to my article, write them in comments, and I’ll try to answer all. I also recommend you to visit “new in arbing” section, where you’ll find more educational materials about surebets.

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