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Gamblers who are not welcomed by bookmakers

Written by Anton

We all perfectly know that the vast majority of bookmakers have a negative attitude towards arbers. Today I would like to talk about other gamblers who are not welcomed by bookmakers as well.

Yes, don’t be surprised, those are also existing! So we’re not alone in terms of bad attitude from the bookies.

General info

As I mentioned above, the bookies are mostly not fond of arbers and apply all sorts of sanctions to them. The most popular one is account restriction (cutting the limits).

In principle, this attitude towards arbers can be understood, because they actually bypass the bookmaker’s margin and make a profit, thereby depriving bookmakers of their earnings.

But, be as it may, not only arbers fell out of favor with bookmakers. They are also not fond of value bettors, goal scored bettors and bonus hunters. It’s about these types of players I’d like to dwell in more detail.

Value bettors

The very name of the player comes from the betting strategy that is used in their work (value betting). It is a situation when a gambler searches for odds in bookmakers’ lines that are higher than the real probability of given outcome.

In other words, the bettor analyzes the probability of an event, trying to find mistakes in bookmaker’s analysts actions while they’re setting the odds. Or he waits for a situation when not all bookmakers simultaneously reacted to the change of events in some match and bet on an overvalued odds.

Usually, bettors use a special formula to determine such odds, but I won’t go into the details of this strategy, as a detailed article about it is already represented on the site.

I can say one thing – this system is very popular now, and some arb services even provide info on value bets.

When it comes to bookmakers, it’s quite obvious that they have bad attitude towards this type of gamblers. Another issue is that value bettors are less visible than arbers, so their accounts tend to live longer.

Goal scored bettors

This category of gamblers works exclusively in live mode and the essence of this very work lies in the game “ahead of the curve”. The bettor observes events in a particular match (perhaps even located at this time at the stadium). Once something happens that affects the result (eg, one team scores a goal), he quickly places a bet in the bookie, as the odds haven’t changed yet.

Personally, I don’t work with this strategy, but I’ve heard that there are even special scanners that trace after goal bets. Another issue is that bookmakers don’t favor such players and apply all sorts of sanctions against them.

At least, such bet may be canceled, and the player immediately gets on the pencil factoring team of the bookmaker. Some bookmakers even specify negative attitude towards these bets in their rules.

But it seems that players do nothing criminal because they just react faster to the change of events in the match than bookies!

However, the problem here is that bookmakers just don’t like such players who make a profit from their mistakes/untimely actions. A vivid example can be the arbers and value bettors.

Bonus hunters

This type of gamblers is also not in favor with bookmakers. The reason for this negative attitude is largely the fact that bonus hunters actively use multi-accounting in their work.

The point is that the main task of these players is the wagering welcome and other bookmaker bonuses with subsequent withdrawals them from the accounts. In order to repeatedly wager this bonus – hunters just need to have lots of accounts in the bookies offering this promo.

As we all know, the bookies don’t really like multi-accounting, and therefore, if a bonus hunter is somehow detected – for sure accounts will be blocked with the confiscation of money. This is the main risk in work with this betting strategy.

In addition, if we talk about bonus hunting, now this kind of earnings is not so relevant, as bookmakers are constantly complicating the rules of wagering bonuses and it becomes almost impossible to extract from them some profit.

Who else is disliked by bookmakers

Besides the above-mentioned categories, bookmakers are not fond of middle bettors. At its core, the middle’s strategy is similar to arbs, because there is also betting on opposite outcomes of the event. However, there is a number of differences in case of middles, which I have already described in the article about it.

For example, in order to a successful using the strategy it is important to get into the middle, i.e. the selected event should be completed with a required number of points, goals, etc.

Middle bettors are usually harder to detect than arbers, but this strategy has more risks. Anyway, if the bookie has suspected you in the game on middles – be ready for cutting the limits and other sanctions.


As you can see, not only the arbers are disliked by bookmakers, although I think it is a dubious consolation. Anyway, you can’t avoid this negative aspect in arbing, and you just need to try using this betting strategy more carefully.

About best ways to avoid getting your account limited I have already told in my another article. If you haven’t read it yet – I highly recommend you to look through it!

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