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Betting Brokers to Work with Surebets

Betting broker and surebets
Written by Anton

Today I’d like to focus on betting brokers, which are actively used to work with surebets.

What is a betting broker?

To begin with, it’s important to understand what is a betting broker in general. The betting broker is a mediator between bookmakers (mainly Asian) and professional players.

In simple terms, several bookmakers (usually up to 10) are connected to the broker and a player can work with all of them simultaneously through one common account in the system.

I think you’ll agree it’s really convenient. In addition, brokers have other noticeable benefits, which I’d like to dwell on in more detail.

What else are betting brokers attractive for?

If we consider the most popular brokers (Vodds, Sportmarket, AsianOdds) one can note some of their specific unique benefits. However, they all also have common advantages, including:

  • loyalty to arbers;
  • high stake limits;
  • good odds.

As I’ve said, it is a mediator between a sportsbook and an arber. It’s clear that a broker is interested that you make more bets, as it affects the amount of its profit, which it gets in the form of bookmaker’s commission.

Accordingly, there’s no sense for the broker to limit your account. That’s why it is loyal to arbers. And don’t forget the fact that brokers often connect bookmakers that are quite loyal to arbers.
Another advantage is high limits on bets. First, the stake limits of connected Asian bookmakers are often really good. Second, an arber can simultaneously place one outcome in several bookmakers through a common account in the system, thereby greatly increasing the stake size.

And finally I’d like to tell about the odds. Using a broker, you’d always be able to choose the best offer on bookmaker odds for a particular outcome just in a few clicks. I find it convenient as well.

Not the best broker’s peculiarities

Besides the undeniable advantages, betting brokers have some drawbacks. In my opinion, the most notable of them are the following:

    • small variety of outcomes (especially on live events);
    • few sports to bet;
    • poor choice of payment methods.

You won’t be able to see a great variety of outcomes on brokers. This is easily explained by the fact that the brokers work with Asian sportsbooks. We all perfectly know that variety of outcomes is not their strong point.:)

But I have no idea why brokers connect only one or two sports. It’s just a fact. As far as I know, only Sportmarket can offer its customers a good choice of sports to bet.

Another “fly in the ointment” towards brokers is a poor choice of payment systems. They usually offer only Skrill, Neteller and Wire Transfer to make payments.


In my today’s article, I tried to tell in a few words about betting brokers, which are increasingly used by professionals to arb with. Recently, a well-known surebet scanner BetBurger added another broker. That’s what made me think of telling you about the brokers and their use for surebets.

P.S.: If you have any comments/additions to this article, or just want to share smth interesting about the brokers, don’t hesitate to write in the comments. 🙂

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