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BetBurger arb service review

betburger arb service
Written by Anton

With my current BetBurger review, I am going to open a cycle of materials about arbitrage betting scanners.

The scanner was founded in 2012 and has already managed to gain popularity among arbers worldwide with quality, wide functionality and other equally significant benefits.

General information about BetBurger

This arb service scans information from over 100 bookmakers (including clones and betting exchanges) for 23 sports in Prematch and for 13 sports in Live mode. Also, the service provides information on negative arbs and middles, which are rather popular betting strategy among the gamblers. Moreover, this scanner has its own odds comparison service, which is quite convenient while working with arbs.

By the way, if we talk about valuebets, the functionality for the search for overpriced odds is very powerful here. Read more about it in my other article.

Interface and basic functionality

At the entrance to BetBurger we note a simple, non-fussy design of the scanner made in calm blue-gray tones, and so it is absolutely not preventing prolonged work with arbs.

I would like also to point out the existence of a good collection of educational materials on the BB arbitrage bet finder website. Arbing Academy, Blog, FAQ – all these info sections may help in answering on main questions related to arbs and scanner work system.

Educational materials at BetBurger

If we’re talking about the workspace part of the scanner, it’s quite easy to use, and it’s divided into several parts:

The customer panel in the sidebar allows sorting issued arbs by several parameters (age, yield, beginning time, bookmaker, sport, etc.), as well as set text and voice new arbs notifications.

Arbs calculator. Now you will not be surprised by the calculator availability for arbing service, but specifically in this calculator, there is one interesting feature called “close odds”, which I’ll talk later.

The list of betting arbs. In fact, it’s also divided into several parts. One of them contains a list of available arbs, and after clicking on one of the events, the second part of the list opens with all varieties of arbs displayed for given event. Grouped arbs can be sorted by the outcome (1X2, handicaps, totals, etc).

In addition to all the above, I would like to point out that BetBurger arbitrage bet finder has a hide menu, which is not available for all arb services. It allows hiding from the layout specific arbitrage situation or event for a particular bookmaker.

Hide menu image

Additional features

What I personally also like in this scanner, it’s lots of additional services and features among which are:

Close odds. A very handy feature that is useful if you, for example, didn’t manage to bet on the second shoulder of the arb and need to promptly find another bookie with a close odd. This option is built into service’s calculator, so you don’t have to manually search for this information.

Arb Helper. It’s a plugin for direct link to bookmakers, own production of this arbing service. Through this plugin you don’t need to spend time searching for the required outcome at the bookie because the stake and its amount in a single click automatically would be transferred from BetBurger arbs calculator to the bookmaker’s website. In case the bookmaker has already managed to change the odd for given market, the system will alert you with a special text notification.

However, without taking into account the aforementioned plugin, this arb scanner has well-realized redirect option, which allows to immediately go to the betslip or selected event of a particular bookmaker.

Integration with Betfair. This feature allows linking your Betfair account to the arb service. It will give you several benefits in the form of access to the arbs with the exchange participation without delay, and the ability to place bets on Betfair directly from service’s account.

It is very easy to link the accounts of these systems, and the arbing site has even a step-by-step instruction that tells how to perform the integration.

Accounting. A really interesting feature of the service, which can be used to keep a financial report of your bets, payment systems, and even to fill in the amount of your deposit/ payments/bonuses from bookmakers.

Odds comparison service. Very useful thing. It tracks information on betting odds in 23 sports (prematch and live mode) and then displays the best deals in a handy table. Thus, the service significantly saves your time, because there is no need to manually analyze the odds of great number bookmakers.

This was supposed to be the end of my BB functionality review, but I remembered another amusing function allowing add/exclude bookmaker clones from the issuing list. By the way, for some bookies you may even enter the addresses of mirrors.

Subscription plans


BetBurger includes two types of paid subscriptions and one free tariff (with arbs limited up to 1% and delayed by 900 sec on prematch and 60 sec on live).

Pre-Match Live Arbs
Day 6.49 € 10.99 €
Week 34.99 € 55.99 €
Month 99.99 € 189.99 €
6 months (20% discount) 479.99 € (64.99 €/m) 914.99 € (119.99 €/m)
1 year (30% discount) 839.99 € (54.99 €/m) 1599.99 € (104.99 €/m)

Pre-Match. This tariff contains all prematch arbs without limitation on all available markets and sports. There is also an option with free access, which I mentioned above.

Live Arbs. Given subscription includes live arbs on all bookmaker available in the scanner list, as well as all markets and sports. In addition, this tariff also has free access to limited functionality and arbs.


FREE. Free tariff from BetBurger with valuebets limited up to 2% and delayed by 900 sec on prematch and 60 sec on live).

Valuebets Pre-Match (59.99 €). This tariff contains all prematch valuebets without limitation on all available markets, sports, and 60+ bookmakers.

Valuebets Live (119.99 €). Given subscription includes live valuebets on all bookmaker available in the scanner list, as well as all markets and sports.

It is noteworthy that this arbing service offers to buy a subscription not only for 30 days but even a week or a day, which allows a potential client to be acquainted with all scanner’s capabilities before subscribing for a longer period.

Also, there is a freezing account option in case for some reason you temporarily don’t need to use the scanner. You can suspend the account work for up to 28 days a year, and from 7 days at a time.

As for payment, BetBurger includes all the most popular payment systems, including Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and, of course, Visa/MasterCard.


During my work with This arb service, I was able to identify the following pros and cons of the service:

I have to say, the service works quite fast and stable, rarely observed “falling out” from the list of issuing some bookmakers. I’d venture to guess, this is due to protect bookmakers from scanning, and often service specialists solve this problem quickly enough.

What concerns false arbs, their numbers here are low that would be the advantage of this service. In addition, its interface has the option “report about wrong arb” that allows notifying administration about the incorrect arb.


  • A large selection of scanned bookmakers and sports.
  • For customers are available not only prematch, but also live arbs, as well as negative arbs and middles.
  • User-friendly interface and welcoming design.
  • Wide functionality (many additional features).
  • Possibility to buy a subscription even for a day.


  • Once in a while “fall out” bookmakers issued by the scanner.
  • Sometimes slow odds scanning in some bookmakers.

In view of the above, I can confidently say that BetBurger deservedly is one of the best arb services, although it has a few drawbacks.

BetBurger | Arbs service

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