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What are the best ways to avoid getting your account limited?

sports arbitrage guide
Written by Anton

This article was written to help arbers who want to reduce possible risks of getting under bookmaker’s sanctions.

It’s clear that no one can guarantee 100% protection from account limitation or blocking. However, the bitter arber’s experience based on the number of rules allows to understand how to stay under bookmaker’s radar and prolong your account as long as possible.

How to place a sure bet correctly?

Don’t bet on obviously overestimated odds. Perhaps, one of the most important rules on which you should pay attention while working with arbitrage betting.

If you noticed that an odd for a particular outcome at one bookmaker is significantly higher compared to others, we strongly don’t recommend betting on it!

Certainly, such a “delicious” odd will cause increased interest among punters creating so-called “loading”. This is a situation when most of bets will be placed on one of the outcomes of the event, and their sum will noticeably exceed the total amount of bets on all other outcomes.

This clearly can be noticed by the bookies, especially when it comes to betting on unpopular leagues/championships, such as the Third Division of Poland Championship or the Second League of Jordan Championship.

Thus, all gamblers who made bets on that outcome immediately come into the view of factoring team (bookmaker department whose functions include tracking of arbers). If that happens, account limitation is pretty much a done deal.

Place rounded stakes. As we all know, in order to maximize profit on arbitrage betting, you often need to bet unrounded amounts (e.g. 25.68$ or 55.12$). But the bookies have long been aware of that, and it’s an easy way to detect potential arbers.

In this case, the advice is simple – try to round up stake amount to the whole number. Yes, it may slightly reduce the amount of your winnings, but it will protect you from possible problems with a bookie.

Avoid repeated bets. One more important rule from my sports arbitrage guide. Personally, I’d recommend minimizing or completely eliminating repeated bets on the same event. Such a play is not typical for regular punters, and the bookie may suspect that something is wrong.

Don’t withdraw too often. First, each request for payment, in any case, attracts bookie’s attention, and that’s not good at all.

Second, the bookies are well aware that often arbers have to redistribute their funds to different bookmakers. Therefore, your frequent requests for payment may lead them to the idea that you belong to this kind of punters. Withdrawals made immediately after deposit or winning are also not welcome.

I personally advise to withdraw funds only in case of real need, and preferably no more than a few times a month. Ideally – even less.

Don’t push the max stake. It’s not recommended to place bets at bookmakers on the max allowable amount.

It’s okay if such a bet is a single case. But if you do it systematically, the bookie will obviously pay close attention to you. And there is already a stone’s throw to the sanctions.

What else should be considered?

As I mentioned above in my sports arbitrage guide, most of bookies are not fond of arbers and actively dealing with them. However, there are also arbitrage friendly bookmakers.

I’d refer to those Pinnacle and Sbobet. I strongly recommend paying attention to them when selecting bookmakers for arbitrage betting.

Another question is that between these bookies not so many arbs. So you’ll need at least a few more bookies to play with.

In this case, I personally suggest taking a closer look at such bookies as WilliamHill and Bet365. Of course, these bookies can apply sanctions in the form of cutting limits, but only if you behave yourself as an obvious arber. However, if you’re wondering how to make arbitrage betting not only safe but profitable strategy, then you’ll also need to use some weaker bookies. These include Marathon, which although may limit your account, but involves many arbs.


If you follow the right arbitrage betting strategy, you can stay under bookmaker’s radar and keep your account in good shape as long as possible. With aforementioned sports arbitrage guide, you found out how to place a sure bet correctly. In addition to compliance with these rules, it’s important to choose right bookmakers to play with. Arb scanner selection is equally important if you decide to entrust the process of finding arbitrage situations to professionals.

That’s all for now, but if you still have any questions, welcome to the comments. 🙂

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