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Choosing arbitrage betting software

The number of arbitrage betting software is constantly increasing, and sometimes it’s hard for beginners to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve collected few useful tips here which can help you to choose arbitrage service.

User-friendly interface

First of all, arbing software must be easy to use! Of course, most of us like bright sites with much of visual effects. But it’s unnecessary thing when in concerns sports betting software.

As you know, we must be attentive and reacts fast when working with surebets. Visual effects can only distracts our attention and, as a result – we can miss out useful information (e.g. odds change).

That’s why we strongly recommend you to choose arbitrage betting software with a clear and user-friendly interface.

Arbitrage Betting Software reliability

Choosing sports betting software you should mainly pay attention to it’s reliability. For today, there are some leaders among arbitrage softwares (e.g. BetBurger) and they won’t lose ground in near future because they continue to improve their service.

If you don’t want to pay for a bad service and waste your time – please, focus on reliable sports arbitrage software!

Prematch and Live arbs available

Many beginners prefer to start with Prematch arbs,  because this type of surebets is more simple to work with (you have much time to place a bet). But the thing is that profit from PreMatch arbs is less than from Live, and someday the time comes when you decide to work with Live arbs.

Our advice in this case is very simple: it’s better to choose arbing software which supports both Prematch and Live arbs. This way, you won’t need to change betting software and get used to the new interface when you’ll decide to start with InPlay arbs.

For example, BetBurger arbitrage betting software gives information on both Prematch and Live surebets. Moreover, this software has a user-friendly interface.

Arbitrage software interface

Scanning speed

Speed is a very important thing for arbers, especially when talking about Live (InPlay) arbs. Each live surebet exists from few seconds to few minutes, and if the service you’re using have a slow scanning speed, you can miss out the possibility to make a stake.

Here is an example: Imagine, that InPlay arb between two bookmakers appeared at 11:00:00 and will exist only for 40 seconds. If the scanning speed of your arbitrage software is 20 seconds for Live, you’ll have only 20 seconds left to place a bet on this arb. It’s inappropriate, so you need to search for the faster sports arbitrage software.

Quality of customer support

The last but no less important thing is the quality of customer service. Beginners can face a lot of issues when they’ve just started using arbing software. The support should give a fast and proper response.

Imagine, that you decide to test one of the arbitrage betting software and buy a subscription only for a week. At first, you can have some questions, and if the support gives answers only in 3-4 days, you can’t fully evaluate this software.

By the way, some arbitrage services offer a one-day subscription to test the functionality. Moreover, a well known BetBurger service offers betting software for free but with some limitations (arbs up to 1% and delayed by 60 sec on Prematch and 900 sec on Live).


Independent search of arbs is quite a complicated process that can take much of your time. That’s why, nowadays, many arbers use the sports arbitrage software which helps them to work with arbs. In this article we’ve figured out what criterias to pay attention to while choosing a sports betting software.