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Arb efficiency in comparison with other strategies

arbs comparison with other strategies
Written by Anton

We all know that arbitrage situations guarantee a 100% profit with low risks. This fact attracts a great number of gamblers.

But what prevents bettors from getting stable safe profit from other strategies? Some particular factors can stand in the way of a gambler:

  • bookmaker margin
  • no luck
  • gambler’s passion
  • wrong choice of bookmakers

Now when we know the main stumbling blocks, let’s examine them in more detail:

Bookmaker margin

In my previous articles I have already touched upon the topic of odds formation and margin. So, if bookies really assessed the chances on both equivalent outcomes, the odds would have been @2.0. And it’s certainly would make the game more profitable.

For example, let’s examine popular middle strategy. We have basketball game with totals on B1 and B2.

B1: ТU (211.5) – 1.90 and ТO (211.5) – 1.90.

B2: ТU (216.5) – 1.93 and ТO (216.5) – 1.93.

It makes sense that we bet (e.g. $100) on ТO (211.5) at B1 @1.9 and on TU (216.5) at B2 @1.93, as there is a 5 point middle between 211.5 and 216.5. If the match ends with 212-216 goals – both our bets will pass. Otherwise, only one bet will go through and we’ll get 100*1.90 = $190 or 100*1.93 = $193.

Therefore, we lose $7 or $10 of our bankroll because of bookmaker margin. Moreover, I have indicated an average margin in the example so it’s not too high. And it would be hard to get profit from this strategy on a long ride.

In case with middles, you can bet on positive middles. It enables you to get a small but safe profit. But they appear to be very rare unlike usual middles . Showing this example, I wanted to display the effect of margin on the efficiency of different betting strategies.

No luck

In the vast majority of strategies much will depend on your luck. If failures succeed, it would be hard to get out of this mess and get back to your initial bankroll.
Moreover, do not forget about the limits. Thus, it’s typical to increase the next stake in case of a loss using some particular strategies. But, ultimately, it will end with a bookmaker not allowing you to bet the necessary stake.

As it is with a Martingale strategy – a gabler has to increase the next stake in case of a loss, so if he wins, it should pay off all his previous losses ( e.g. 2-4-8-16-32-64-128 etc).

Let’s imagine you have started with $5, but your bet has lost 11 times in a row. Your next 12th stake should be equal to $10240 (5-10-20-40-80-160-320-640-1280-2560-5120). And not every bookie will let you put such stake! And, as a matter of fact, not every gambler would have such money! 😉

Gambler’s passion

The main problem is getting even after several losses in a row. In such a case, bettor can deviate from the rules of the strategy, increase the necessary stake and make some other mistakes.

Ultimately, all these mistakes can lead to negative consequences.

Wrong choice of bookmakers

If you use any strategy to make money on bookmakers, you need to carefully select the bookies. First and foremost, you need to choose a reliable bookmaker which will not pocket your money.

Second, pay your attention to bookies with high limits.
Last but not least, take into account the fact that some bookmakers cut not only arbers’ limits but the limits of regular gamblers.


Arbitrage situations have their pros and cons compared to other strategies. Thus, many bookmaker are struggling against arbers and actively cut their limits. If you decide on using some other strategies, your account would live much longer.
But, without a doubt, arbitrage situations stand in sharp contrast to other betting methods, as they are deprived of those risks we have stated above. Betting on opposing outcomes of the event, gamblers bypass the margin. Luck is also not a big deal for them, as they make money no matter the outcome.
But passion should better be excluded in this betting strategy as it will bring you no good!

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